Dual (Pos/Neg) Terminal Bus Bar.  *£39.90

Dual (Pos/Neg) Terminal Bus Bar. *39.90


Dual (Pos/Neg) Terminal Bus.
This systems allow for multiple connections to positive and negative systems on one connection block. Each connection side can maintain multiple connections, of differing size.
3/8" Positive / 5/16" Negative Bus
Commonly, positive connections are 3/8", negative connections are 5/16"
* Multiple connection points, to accomodate multiple power connections
* Secure way to consolidate ground systems
* Max voltage: 48vdc
* Positive: 3/8" stainless steel connection posts
* Negative: 5/16" stainless steel connection posts
* Both polarity sides offer 3 smaller 15amp connection points
* Base Material: Glass-Filled Nylon (Red & Black)
* Mounting screws: #10 (not included)
* Mounting centre: 4.9" (124.5mm)
Optional cover not included (see IEM-RI738N3P05/1).

  • Part No. - IEM-RI738834N14/1

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