Fuse Box 16 way Blade Fuse Type         1

Fuse Box 16 way Blade Fuse Type 1


1 x 16 way blade fuse box complete with transparent cover, gasket and terminal locking bar. Supplied with 32 terminals for crimping cables 1.0mm≤ to 2.5mm≤. The female push-on terminals provided are crimped onto the cables, these are then inserted underneath the fuse box and are firmly held in place using the terminal locking bar. This fuse box can be clipped together with another box or boxes to form a 32 or 48 way unit. IEM-FBB16U/1 can also be clipped together with the 4 and 7 way relay boxes (IEM-RB4U/1 and IEM-RB7U/1) to form a single integrated unit that is infinitely variable to suit almost every requirement.
Dimensions 64mm H x 123mm W x 42mm D.

  • Part No. - IEM-FBB16U/1