Ocean Flex Battery/Marine 70mm Tinned Cable   *FROM £17.80 PER METRE!*   **10 METRES £169.10!**

Ocean Flex Battery/Marine 70mm Tinned Cable *FROM £17.80 PER METRE!* **10 METRES £169.10!**


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70mm Tinned 'OCEAN FLEX' Battery/Welding Cable.
912/0.30mm stranding.
Current rating: 485 amps
Max. overall diameter of cable: 15.5mm
Sheath colours: Black or Red.
Single insulated extra flexible battery/welding cables designed for use in tough working environments.
Resistant to petrol, lubricating oils and diluted acids.
Tinned Copper Conductors – PVC insulated -30ºC to +70ºC
Cables are printed with the specification on the insulation.

OCEANFLEX® Cable is a tinned thin wall low voltage wiring cable designed for use in harsh environments, the copper strands are tin plated, which makes this cable more resistant to corrosion.


In harsh environments low voltage copper cables corrode over time, the copper oxidises turning black and in salt water environments copper forms a carbonate layer (turquoise). Both these elements cause the cable to have a decreased electrical conductivity. Eventually the cable weakens and causes electrical faults and failures.

OCEANFLEX® has been specifically designed to combat these problems. The copper conductors have been tin plated so that they are highly resistant to corrosion over short or long periods of time. Whether caused by moisture, water or salt water. Therefore OCEANFLEX® cables have a much greater life span compared to standard cables, which means lower repair/maintenance cost, less down time due to electrical faults and failures.

If designing, building, repairing or changing low voltage electrical wiring that is going to be used in a harsh environment... Choose... OCEANFLEX®

To order just select the length in metres that you require and enter that quantity in the box. You will receive one piece of cable cut to the length you have ordered.

*The conductor specifications shown are representative configurations; actual cable strand may differ slightly, but will meet resistance values shown.

**Nominal current amperage ratings are provided as a guide only, and can vary depending on application, conditions and environmental factors. If in doubt, please consult a qualified electrician.

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  • Part No. - IEM-TCCM70/1M