Victron 15A 12V Blue Smart IP22 mains battery charger with Bluetooth connectivity   *£115.00*

Victron 15A 12V Blue Smart IP22 mains battery charger with Bluetooth connectivity *115.00*


Victron 15A 12V Blue Smart IP22 mains battery charger with Bluetooth connectivity

his Victron 15A 12V Blue Smart IP22 mains battery charger is designed to enable safe and efficient unattended charging of a 12V battery or battery bank from a mains power source (220-240V AC). This mains charger boasts an outstanding 93% efficiency, along with an adaptive automatic 7-stage charging process to deliver faster and more efficient charging. This unit also uniquely features Bluetooth connectivity, which enables the user to remotely monitor the charging system on a mobile device.

This unit is able to charge either a single 12V battery, or several 12V batteries connected in parallel (batteries must be the same type, capacity and age).

This mains battery charger is compatible with Lithium batteries (with a dedicated charging mode to optimise performance) in addition to standard Lead Acid batteries including AGM, Gel and Wet cell batteries.

Key features:

- Safe unattended charging: Features inbuilt safety functions (protection against DC short circuit, overheating, overcharging and reverse polarity of the battery), which allow the charger to be left permanently connected to the battery for unattended automatic charging.

- Adaptive battery management: Automatically adapts and optimises the charging process relative to the way in which the battery is being used. This adaptive ability also limits corrosion within the battery by reducing time spent in the absorption stage when possible (eg. when charging a battery which is already nearly fully charged).

- Continued charging during battery use: Operates even while energy is being drawn from the battery during use. The unit will maintain the charge if the battery is already at full capacity.

- Power supply function: Can provide a direct supply of power to a 12V load even when no battery is connected.

- Dead battery recovery: The charger will attempt to recharge a deeply-discharged battery (will start charging when a battery is at 0V) at a low current. As soon as sufficient battery voltage is reached, normal charging will resume.

- Silent night mode: By selecting either the 'night' or low' mode, the output current is reduced to max 50% of the nominal output and the charger enters a silent operation mode.

- Storage Mode: Designed to prevent aging of the battery when it is not in use. This mode is enabled whenever the battery has not been discharged for 24 hours. Storage mode minimises gassing and corrosion within the battery and prevents other major causes of early battery failure including sulphation.

- Bluetooth connectivity: Enables the user to remotely program settings (set battery type or charging current), monitor data (battery voltage, charge current, and charging cycle status) and download updates for the system via any Bluetooth-enabled device, using the free VictronConnect App. Alternatively, you can connect the unit to a to a PC/Laptop to access the free VictronConnect software to program settings (requires VE.Direct to USB cable sold separately).

- Inbuilt temperature sensor: Measures the ambient temperature and automatically compensates for temperature when charging lead-acid batteries.

- Charging status LEDs: 11 LED lights on the front panel indicate the current charging stage (night, bulk, absorption, float, storage) and the charging mode (normal, high, recondition, Lithium).

This charger is fitted with a 1.5m mains AC cable with a UK 3-pin plug.

  • Part No. - IEM-PHUVBC1215
Operating Voltage range (AC) 180V - 265V
DC output current ('normal' mode) 15A
DC output current ('night' or 'low' mode) 7.5A
DC output voltage 12V
Minimum battery capacity ('normal' mode) 30Ah
Minimum battery capacity ('night' or 'low' mode) 15Ah
Absorption charging voltage 14.2V - 14.7V DC (depending on the battery type)
Float charging voltage 13.5V - 13.8V (depending on the battery type)
Minimum battery voltage starts charging at 0V ('dead battery')
Efficiency 93%
Standby power consumption 0.5W
Operating temperature range -20C to 50C
Humidity (non condensing) Max 95%
Temperature compensation 16mV/C
Protection IP22 (indoor use)
Dimensions 235 x 108 x 65 mm
Weight 1.3 kg