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Volt Sensitive Battery Isolator (Battery Guard) 12/24 volt 100 amp

Volt Sensitive Battery Isolator (Battery Guard) 12/24 volt 100 amp


Volt Sensitive Battery Isolator (Battery Guard). With provision for external On/Off switch.
12/24 volt 100 amp
Solid State Battery Guard.
Protected to IP65.
Length 124mm x width 97mm x height 51mm.
ECE and CE approved.
Monitors the battery voltage and disconnect load when the battery voltage reaches a pre-determined level.
The voltage level at which this device operates to disconnect or re-connect the load to the battery can be set to one of 10 different programmes by the installer using a simple bridge and integral LED indicator.
The unit also has an alarm circuit to power an audio and/or visual indicator to warn of imminent disconnect, allowing the operator 50 seconds to rectify the situation before disconnecting.
A 10 second delay is built in prior to an alarm,to prevent spurious warnings.
The alarm circuit is limited to 500mA maximum. If a higher current is required, a relay with a diode must be used.
Quiescent current is below 10mA for all versions.
Appropriate terminals and insulating covers are provided with each unit.

Pre-programmed voltage settings:
12 volt: 24 volt:
Disc/Connect: Disc/Connect:
10.5v 12.0v 21.0v 24.0v
10.0v 11.5v 20.0v 23.0v
9.5v 11.5v 19.0v 23.0v
11.0v 13.5v 22.5v 26.5v
11.5v 13.5v 23.0v 27.5v
10.5v 12.5v 21.0v 25.0v
11.5v 12.5v 23.0v 25.5v
11.0v 12.5v 23.5v 25.5v
12.0v 13.0v 24.0v 26.0v
10.0v 13.0v 20.0v 26.5v

  • Part No. - IEM-085210/1